Mere Color Collection


The influence of color on human psychology is more and more accepted by the public. When Giorgio Morandi’s works were discovered, our world seemed to be drawn into another dimension. The crisp bird song replaced the bustling traffic, the simple lifestyle replaced the prosperous material pleasure. MERE COLOR uses a cut pile process with low saturation color solutions, allowing texture and color to work together to create a peaceful and harmonious ground effect. In addition, it is also a group of products with low selection load designers can easily choose color combinations from them.

Mere Collection

Construction: Cut Pile
Fiber: Voxflor® Certified Nylon
Gauge: 1/10”
Stitches: 10 per inch
Pile Weight: 26 OZ/yd2

Average Pile Height: 5.0mm±0.5mm
Backing: EcoAce-Bac®
Tile size: 50cm*50cm
Area of Use: Commercial – General Duty

Anti-microbial: Ultra Fresh (Available)
Flammability: ASTM E 648 Class I, GB8624-2012 B1(C)
Smoke Density: ASTM E 662 Less than 450, GB/T 8627-1999
Static Propensity: AATCC-134 3.5kV, GB/T 18044-2008


Mere Color

According to VOXFLOR Company Philosophy, the attention for the client comes first. According to this principal, the product brochures, with general information, inspiration room settings and technical specifications are always available for download, together with a HD short selection to help architects and designers to develop their interior rendering and visualizations.





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