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Design is a need. According to this commitment, the development of new product is constant and never-ending. By grouping the products into large families, since finds its natural place into differences, multiple combinations can generate from time to time unique results.

Arno Collection ➜

Bavaria Collection ➜

Bombardier Collection ➜

Chanson & Rive Gauche Collection ➜

Color Sense Collection ➜

Eurogarden 202 Collection ➜

Forest Collection ➜

Glacier Collection ➜

Goth Collection ➜

Guinness Collection ➜
Hub Collection ➜
Hussar Collection ➜
Interweave Collection ➜
Landscape Collection ➜
Loire Collection ➜

Mere Color Collection ➜

Mondrian Collection ➜

Morning Mist Collection ➜
Mundi Collection ➜

Myriads Collection ➜

Narnia Collection ➜

Network Collection ➜

New Balance Collection ➜

Prism & Crystal Collection ➜

Scandinavia Collection ➜
Season Collection ➜
Sense Collection ➜
Silver Sea Collection ➜
Sketch Collection ➜

Soundtrack Collection ➜

Spacewalk Collection ➜

Speedway Collection ➜

Spiral Collection ➜

Shine Collection ➜

Stuttgart Collection ➜

Tanglha Collection ➜

Thrive Collection ➜
Toronto Collection ➜

Trench Collection ➜

Twilight Collection ➜
Waterfall Collection ➜

Wetland Collection ➜


Carpet Tile Collections

According to VOXFLOR Company Philosophy, the attention for the client comes first. According to this principal, the product brochures, with general information, inspiration room settings and technical specifications are always available for download, together with a HD short selection to help architects and designers to develop their interior rendering and visualizations.




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